Sheriffs in the UK

commercial law has always been one of the more interesting areas of law. Commercial law can make for some interesting court decisions as law are usually based on dealing with individuals for the sake of continuity as it regards contracts, this means that a commercial entity must be seen as an individual, but must also be treated differently in order to allow for institutional error, when a group can make mistakes in judgment that are perfectly legitimate based on the information given but where it needs to be translated from department to department. This has made the Sheriff Courts more interesting as companies have gotten larger.

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The Office of Sheriff

Historically, the sheriff has operated as a judge within the United Kingdom. Most areas have seen the duties of the sheriffs folded into other courts, but Scotland still as theirs. These sheriffs deal with all but what are considered high crimes, such as treason, murder, and other crimes that result in heinous and extreme damage to others. They are also responsible for civil suits of all stripes. There are three verdicts possible "Guilty" for when the guilt is absolute, "not guilty" for when the party is not guilty, and "not proven" for when the guilt is assumed but not provable. Cases with a "guilty" can be appealed.

When It Comes To Business

As the Court of Sheriffs handles civil laws, most commercial law in Scotland falls under the jurisdiction of the various sheriffs. The cases are tried with the sheriff ruling on them as would a regular judge, which includes the participation of a jury as needed, and the ruling can be appealed. This means that the sheriff can assess guilt, apply fines and other punishment, and order other reparations as the needs of the case warrant. In some cases this also means that the case can be recommended to another court should the scope of the case warrant it.

Other Countries

As Scotland increasingly finds itself one of the hubs of international business due to Dublin, this means that other countries need to adapt to the system. While it can seem archaic, and in fact the system saw a major overhaul in 2009 in order to deal with that and other issues, it is the system that they must work with. While it can make for some momentarily confusing situations, especially for countries where sheriffs are more a part of law enforcement rather judicial, it helps to see the Sheriff Courts as just another branch of judiciary and deal with them in that regard.

Summing Up

When it comes to dealing with commercial law it helps to know the particular system with which you are working. In some cases the system is a little different than what one is used to, but that just means that the company needs to adapt to it and learn its ways. The Sheriff Courts may seem a little old-fashioned, but that is because they are one of the oldest systems in the United Kingdoms, and is a direct descendant of the Roman invaders. It is a system that works, and ultimately that is all matters.